3 Things To Know About Xeomin

Xeomin is quickly becoming a favorite treatment for wrinkle and fine line reduction by both Dr. Swetnam and our patients. Since it is newer to the market than Botox, many patients wonder whether it is as safe and effective. We have found them to be very similar to one another, producing nearly identical results. If you are looking to prevent or help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, we encourage you to give Xeomin a try!

1. Xeomin is “cleaner” than Botox

Xeomin and Botox are essentially the same neurotoxin. The biggest difference is that Xeomin undergoes an extra step of purification so most complex inactive proteins are eliminated. This makes Xeomin a “cleaner” neurotoxin compared to Botox or Dysport. Botox and Dysport encapsulate their toxins and proteins, whereas Xeomin does not. Many women opt for Xeomin as they want to put the least amount of chemicals into their body as possible. In a nutshell, Xeomin is a purer form.

2. The benefits of Xeomin take effect quicker than others

Just like Botox, Xeomin lasts roughly 3 to 4 months. Although it lasts just as long as Botox and Dysport, many people say they start to see the beneficial effects earlier than they would have with other brands.

3. Xeomin is less expensive than Botox

Xeomin is cleaner than other neurotoxins such as Botox and Dysport, and it does not need to be refrigerated. This allows Xeomin to be sold at a less expensive price point – giving you the same results at a more cost effective price!

If you are interested in a cleaner neurotoxin, call us today to schedule your Xeomin injection!

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