What exactly is a CoolPeel?

CoolPeel is an ablative CO2 laser treatment that can be done with topical anesthesia in about an hour or so and give you amazing results. 

CO2 lasers have always been the standard that all other lasers are compared against. The newest technology is found in the Deka Tetra laser. The magic in this laser is its ability to increase skin cooling while delivering the same amount of energy to the skin (Thermal Relaxation Time). Less heat sinking into the skin means less thermal damage and a much quicker recovery time. The CoolPeel is akin to a peel of medium depth but is more controlled. Your treatment can be tailored to your desired down time and to as little as 3 days social down time. 

What does it do? It improves your skin tone, color, gets rid of dark spots, decreases pore size and improves wrinkles. It also will help with acne. The other great thing is the ability to treat all skin types, even ethnic skin, without all the issues usually associated with lasers. The procedure can be repeated in as little as 4 weeks and as many times as you desire. It is great for “buffing up” your skin for social events. 

You will love the way your skin feels and looks. Come see us and ask for the CoolPeel! Call Swetnam Cosmetic Surgery today at 479-966-4174.

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