Underarm sweat…ugh!

Are you tired of excessive underarm sweating, having “stinky” armpits, staining clothes, using massive amounts of deodorant and anti-perspirant made from harsh chemicals?  Have you tried the “heavy duty” antiperspirants or even tox injections to try to get rid of the problem spending large sums of money? 

We have the answer in a one-hour procedure called Miradry.  Miradry is a way to eliminate the sweat and odor glands from the underarm…forever!  A welcome side effect is a significant loss of underarm hair as well.  The procedure is done under local anesthesia, in the office.  It is effective in over 80% of treatments after only one treatment and essentially 100% effective after two treatments.  The cost of the treatment is usually less than what you would spend for a round of underarm tox injections and is not a recurring expense, not to mention the thousands you will save on deodorants and antiperspirants in your lifetime.

We love this product and its effectiveness!  Call or come in today to schedule a free consultation. 479-966-4174

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