New lasers now at Swetnam Cosmetic!

Dr. Swetnam is excited to now offer new treatments at his office in Fayetteville! His team is fully trained and is amazed by results! 

Our first new laser is the Quanta Systems EVO Light.  The Evo Light is a state-of-the-art Alexandrite laser for getting rid of unwanted hair faster, with fewer treatments and with minimal to no pain.  We are getting incredible results after just one treatment!  The Evo Light is also a state of the art YAG laser used to treat facial veins around the nose, cheeks, and leg veins.  In addition it is used to treat rosacea and those ugly, raised, red hemangiomas we all get as we age. 

Next up is the Deka Tetra CO2 laser.  This laser is amazing, giving stellar results with recovery times that are unmatched in the industry.  If chemical peels are giving minimal and unpredictable results, but you have dull skin in need of a pick me up the Cool Peel is for you. This is an ablative treatment that makes your skin look amazing with minimal to no pain and a 3-day recovery time.  If you want to improve your skin for the holidays, this one is for you.

The Tetra also has a whole other level of treatment as well.  If you have and hate those vertical lip lines, wrinkles on cheeks, have sallow skin or age spots we have the treatment for you.  If you have stretch marks, unwanted scarring or just want a more youthful look, this laser is the bomb.  The usual recovery time is seven days and topical anesthesia does the trick.

In addition to our new lasers, we also offer radiofrequency (RF) micro needling with the Secret RF.   Everyone has micro needling, but not all machines are created equal.  SecretRF is far superior to most in results and reducing the discomfort of treatments.  It is made to tighten the deeper dermis and promote collagen production to help get rid of fine lines and improve skin texture and thickness.  We generally like to do a series of 3, a month apart. We can also use it in conjunction with the Cool Peel, treating the deeper layers of skin and superficial at the same time.

Winter is the best time to treat your skin since we are all inside and out of the sun anyway.  Schedule now and get special pricing for the holidays.  

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