Male Breast Reduction.. Who Is A Candidate?

Gynecomastia is a condition where the breast tissue in a male becomes enlarged and sometimes tender.  It can be confused or combined with lipomastia, which is excess fatty tissue on the chest.  Both of these conditions can cause cosmetic and other problems for men.  The cause in adolescent men is hormonal changes and in older men it can be due to hormonal supplements, weight changes or the aging process.  Of course, there can be more devious causes that may need to be ruled out in some cases, but usually a physical examination and history does the job.

The treatment for gynecomastia combined with lipomastia is a combination of chest liposuction and removal of the breast “bud”.  The bud is a small, usually firm, olive shaped mass of firm tissue under the nipple area.  We make a small incision to remove this tissue along with liposuction of the chest.  Recovery is a few weeks of limited activity.  The payoff is tremendous as you can wear tighter shirts, T-shirts, and go shirtless without worry.

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