Lipedema: Is it real?

There is a state of fatty excess that occurs, usually in the hips and legs, in non-obese people that causes pain and bruising and is not affected by weight loss. It has been around for some time but is just now starting to get attention. The cause is poorly understood and at this point, it is not recognized by insurance companies as a disease. 

Lipedema can cause many problems, the most prominent being pain and bruising. It can also lead to some very serious problems with self-esteem (imagine being thin everywhere except your legs and no matter how much you diet the fat will not budge). Fortunately, we can tame the problem with liposuction. 

The procedure is usually done in stages depending on how many areas require treatment and how much volume is removed. In-office liposuction is usually limited to the removal of 4 liters of fat to be safe. The data shown in the study listed below is very promising with patients undergoing liposuction treatment experiencing a marked decrease in pain and bruising and improved self-esteem.

Check out this study:

Dr. Swetnam has some of the most extensive training in liposuction in the area and has treated many with lipedema. Call 479-966-4174 today for a complimentary consultation!

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