Hydrafacial now available at Swetnam Cosmetic!

Why Hydrafacial???

If you are into a relaxing and lengthy facial with soft music and the zen atmosphere, you’ll need to go a local salon. And men, are you more afraid of a salon than going into a cage with a lion?

If you want a treatment that exfoliates, hydrates, removes waxes, oils and blackheads in 30 minutes, you need to see one of our trained Hydrafacialists. You can also add a multitude of other acids, stimulators, and antioxidants to improve the texture, tone and color of your skin. This is a medical grade, state-of-the-art treatment used to improve and maintain your skin. We also have the PERK system that exfoliates lips, improves under eye bags, and gives you a take home serum to maintain your gain.

What’s the difference? Skin becomes dull because of oxidation. Just like the paint on a car, environmental factors, both internal and external, influence the appearance of the skin. With the use of good skin care and Hydrafacial we can help you get that youthful skin color and tone back by continually removing and compacting that layer of dead skin we all get through oxidation. Think of it like waxing your car only a lot more rewarding. Call today to book with one of our trained Hydrafacialists to start pampering your skin. Until you have had a Hydrafacial, you only think you’ve had a facial. And, you can really do it on a lunch or break. There is NO downtime, NO recovery, and it can also be done before a big event or night on the town. We are currently offering special Holiday pricing on single treatments or on packages. What a great gift!!! The gift of beautiful, healthy skin. Call today!!


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