How can you get a jump on what will be a busy summer?

Hi everyone! I hope this finds you well, and in good spirits during the trying times we are experiencing. We pray for those who are or will become sick and for those taking care of the sick. The only thing we will know for sure soon, is everyone’s real hair color and if they use injectables!! 

Currently at SCS we are continuing our tradition of virtual (computer) consults. I have done this for some time, for those who live far away, but now we do it for everyone. It is fun, convenient and most importantly, keeps you from having to go out into, what has become, a scary world for the near future. Your question may be, “why would I want to do a Cosmetic Consultation NOW?” Good question! 


1. Now is the best time. You can’t go out anyway and if you are working it is most likely from home. That’s where your computer is… Voila, you now have access to a consult. 

2. You don’t have to drive. Save gas and drive time. 

3. When you schedule, we will ask you to take pictures from home and send them prior to your virtual visit…. no changing clothes! 

4. No waiting, and no waiting room! 

5. No need for babysitters or talking your significant other into watching the kids. 

6. No hands-on examinations. 

If you have any other great reasons, please add them in the comments on Facebook. I would love to hear them. 

We have a backlog of work to do when this COVID-19 virus is better contained. I believe that will be within the next 2-3 weeks. Containment will improve with the release of rapid testing that is coming soon. We will be able to test quickly and know results quickly as well. This is a game changer in infectious disease if the tests are readily available and hopefully, they will be. This allows us to test in large numbers and follow the spread with better knowledge of who needs quarantine and who doesn’t. My thoughts only so we will have to wait and see. 

If I am right, there will be a rush. March, April, May, June is usually our busiest months and all of that will be compressed into a much shorter timeline. You can get the jump on this by doing a virtual consult and picking your potential surgery day in the future. If things work the way we hope they will, all hospital and surgery center routines will be heading to a more normal routine, your time is saved and you don’t avoid the rush, you are the rush!! If we are still in the throes of COVID-19, we reschedule, nothing lost. We will see you for an actual examination the week before your surgery and boom, you are ready to go! 

The other things you can get a jump on are spa services. Who isn’t going to need a HydraFacial after this??? 

So, schedule your virtual consult for surgical or non-surgical services or schedule for any spa or laser service now and get the jump on summer. AND, if you call 479-966-4174, have a virtual consult and book your surgery or spa service, we will extend to you some very special pricing to ease the pain of Novel Viral Infections! 

– Dr. Jeff Swetnam

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