Finding a Surgeon You Can Trust

Have you ever heard the saying “when you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nail”?

In Cosmetic surgery, you must look for someone who has had training in many forms of treatment. If your surgeon is Board-Certified in Cosmetic Surgery or in Plastic Surgery, you know they have had a wide range of training and experience. If you are seeing a surgeon for a cosmetic procedure that is not Board-Certified in Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery, all bets are off. You will be offered one treatment for all problems with those who have weekend training because that is all they know, even when they know what they offer won’t work for your problem.

Some specialize in “Aesthetic surgery” which is a code word for weekend training….don’t fall for it. There is no Board-Certification in “Aesthetic Surgery.” There are some that are even paraded around, by the companies that sell them the technologies and equipment, as “experts and educators” when they actually have very little experience and minimal training…don’t fall for it.

You wouldn’t go to a gynecologic surgeon for a brain tumor–that would be foolish–so why go to an untrained or undertrained “Aesthetic Surgeon” for your procedure? Good question, right? So, before you have any Aesthetic or Cosmetic procedure done, check your physicians credentials. Knowledge and experience DOES matter. Come see us at Swetnam Cosmetic Surgery for all your Cosmetic needs. Dr Swetnam is the ONLY Board-Certified Cosmetic Surgeon offering Body Tite and Face Tite in Northwest Arkansas.

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