Body Tite and Face Tite.. What Is It, Does It Work?

We have added a new technology at Swetnam Cosmetic Surgery!  It is the Body Tite and Face Tite, manufactured by InMode!  This technology is a new spin on the older radio frequency technology.  InMode has developed a way to heat the outer skin and under the skin simultaneously.  The technology also allows me to heat the skin within a very narrow window without creating burns.  This procedure tightens skin with very predictable results and with only small puncture wound incisions.  I usually combine the Body Tite and Face Tite with liposuction to remove the liquified fat and to fine tune.  You can expect anywhere from 40-60% skin tightening that is long lasting and compares favorably to a surgical procedure. As far as anesthesia goes, facial areas and other smaller areas can usually be done with a small amount of oral sedation and numbing.  Larger areas require in office sedation but we offer sedation to everyone if desired.

What can be done??

  1. Face Tite– Facelift type results for the lower face and neck.  It will tighten the skin of the neck and lower face removing jowls and excess fat while dramatically tightening the skin.
  2. Body Tite- Can be used on the arms, abdomen, hips, inner and outer thighs. Very good for those who need liposuction but want to avoid excess skin wrinkling after. Use of the Body Tite with liposuction lessens “lumpiness” and contour deformities that can sometimes occur.  For selected patients, tummy tuck like results are a reality.
  3. Breast Tite For Men- Used to treat sagging skin on the chest, AKA, “man boobs”.  Great for tightening the skin when combined with liposuction.  The breast “buds”, if present may or may not need to be removed after.
  4. Breast Tite For Women- If you feel you need a lift or have been told you need a “small lift”, we can help.  I can raise nipple position by about 2 cm or so with or without an implant.  This is great news for women who are borderline on whether or not they need a lift.

Now that we have covered the bases, here are a few “buyer beware” statements.  First, there will be those who think this machine is the hammer for all nails.  It is NOT.  If a facelift, tummy tuck, arm reduction, or breast lift is indicated, this machine will not take the place of those procedures.  Don’t let anyone tell you it will.  Second, since the great results with this machine are obtained when it is combined with liposuction, you have to find someone who is good at liposuction.  Getting great results with liposuction is not that easy and disasters are common in inexperienced hands.  Make sure you look at pictures, then inquire about the amount of training and experience the operator has….in Cosmetic Surgery.  I am the only Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon in Northwest Arkansas with this technology.

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