Vein Therapy

Dr. Jeffrey Swetnam has extensive training in the vein therapy treatments of varicose and spider veins. Added to this is more than 20 years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of vascular disease, which allows him to manage most vein issues.

Chronic venous insufficiency is a very common problem. It is thought that up to 50 percent of the adult population is bothered by this disease and as we all age the symptoms become worse. If you are bothered by restless leg syndrome, leg swelling, leg pain, visible varicose veins or ugly spider veins, you may be that person. Many men and women cannot wear summer clothing such as shorts, dresses or swimming suits due the unsightly appearance of their veins.

Watch the video to hear Dr. Swetnam explain the difference between the various vein problems and his process for treatment.

Prior to advanced treatment techniques, vein stripping was the usual treatment for vein problems. We now have the ability to treat the problem in a multitude of different ways thanks to vein therapy. The first step is a venous ultrasound. Venous ultrasound is a painless way to evaluate and map the veins. It also allows us to measure function and look for abnormalities. If the veins are significantly abnormal and meet certain requirements, they can be made non-functional using laser technology. This procedure may be done in stages and it is an in-office procedure, done with minimal sedation where patients walk in and walk out of the clinic. There is very little down time.

We also have the ability to eliminate the large, ropey varicose veins that are very unsightly, sometimes bleed and can result in significant discomfort. The procedure is called microphlebectomy and means that these large veins are removed through incisions no larger than the width of the lead in a pencil. The cosmetic result is fantastic, and the symptoms are usually resolved completely.

Laser ablative procedures and microphlebectomy are covered by most insurance companies and Medicare.

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