What is a PRP facial?

As a matter of fact, it is. Popularized in the past few years by the Kardashian’s and then patented this treatment has become very popular. So….what is it??

The PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. Plasma, as you know, is a component of our blood. It is the more liquid part that the red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets travel in. Red cells are responsible for transporting gases to and from our tissue cells (CO2 and oxygen). White cells are there to help with our bodies ability to fend off infections and other sources of inflammation. Finally, platelets are smaller and lighter and are there to help with clotting and healing injury. Platelets contain many growth factors and other compounds that are thought to be instrumental in repairing damaged tissue.

PRP has been used for about everything with mixed results. It is used in orthopedics, rheumatology, hair loss, sports medicine, etc. In studies, it has been shown to work well in some cases, with mixed results in others. The areas where results are not in question are the skin and in certain types of hair loss. Numerous studies, as recent as one in a 2017 Plastic Surgery Journal, show a dramatic improvement in skin texture and appearance when PRP is used, even when injected with a filler or fat. And most other studies mirror these results in skin improvement with PRP.

So, how does it work? The first step is to draw some of YOUR blood. We then spin it down in a centrifuge for a specified period of time and get rid of the white and red cells leaving only the platelets and plasma. While this is happening, Dr. Swetnam uses the Dermapen, a microneedling device, to create small openings in the skin after using topical numbing and oral sedation. There is some minor discomfort for some people, but it is definitely worth it. We combine your PRP with a tissue activator so your platelets will release their magic. We then repeat the Dermapen and apply your PRP. This forces the activated PRP into the skin where it works best.

What you can expect after the treatment is a short period of downtime, usually no more than 2 to 3 days, where you will look like you have a sunburn or a very superficial road rash. Some have minor bruising but Dr. Swetnam has found that to be rare. You will notice skin tightening immediately and you can expect to start seeing amazing changes in your skin at about four to six weeks. By results, I mean:

1. Decrease in fine lines.

2. Improvement in skin coloration.

3. Improvement in skin texture.

4. Decreased Pore size.

5. General improvement in thickness and feel of the skin with a more youthful glow.

The procedure can be repeated after a couple of months if needed and when added to a Hydrafacial maintenance program, good basic skin care, with medical grade products and Botox, you can bet everyone will be wondering why you are looking younger when they aren’t. AND men…it can work for you too!! Come see us or call 479-966-4174 and ask about the PRP facial.

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