MyEllevate is an advanced, minimally invasive facial rejuvenation procedure for the lower face, jawline and neck. It refines, restores and smoothes contours while supporting the underlying muscles and glands, making it perfect for double chins. MyEllevate can be combined with FaceTite to reveal a more youthful lower face, jawline and neck.

This innovative neck lift procedure takes approximately one hour to perform. Most patients return to normal activities within days. The ICLED light guided suture system allows surgeons to easily place a suture support system without incisions that supports and shapes the underlying bands and glands. It is easily performed by a MyEllevate surgeon using local anesthesia.

MyEllevate can be used as a standalone neck rejuvenation procedure or in conjunction with liposuction, chemical lipolysis and energy based skin tightening technologies.

As an alternative to the traditional neck lift, the recovery period lasts 7-10 days and is mostly social. There is generally very little, if any, bruising and swelling and most people can return to normal activities within a few days. So you can enjoy no scarring with long-term results!

Learn why MyEllevate™ could be an option for you by viewing the top FAQ.

Dr. Swetnam is the only cosmetic surgeon offering MyEllevate in Northwest Arkansas. Ready to rejuvenate your look? Refine your jawline to reveal a more youthful look with a non-invasive neck lift by scheduling a free consult with Dr. Swetnam today!

MyEllevate Featured in ELLE Magazine

MyEllevate was named “the buzziest procedure” by ELLE Magazine in December 2020 and was featured on the cover as “The Zoom Lift.”

MyEllevate in ELLE Magazine
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