Cellulite: The thing everyone loves to hate

In the past, I have seldom spoken the “C” word because there was very little in the way of effective treatment. Now that we have something that actually works, I’m talking!

First, what causes cellulite? It is a process that usually affects women due to hormonal factors causing indentations on the buttocks and thighs. There is connective tissue tethering of the skin to underlying tissue and this pulls the skin down in spots, creating a shadow and a noticeable indentation where smoothness is more desired.

Second, is there an effective treatment for the problem? There have been numerous technologies tried with limited success on cellulite. Many work for a short period of time only to have the dents recur and most don’t work at all; until now, with QWO.

What is QWO? It is a compound that was identified from a bacterial toxin that is useful to treat a problem. Both substances are made from the Clostridium family of bacteria and in the case of QWO, it dissolves the connective tissue attachments causing the skin tethering and dent, allowing the skin to smooth out.

Is it invasive? Unlike many of the treatments offered in the past, minimally so. It is an injectable that is placed into the indentation. Over the next days to weeks, as the tethering dissolves, the areas smooth out.

How long does it take? A usual treatment takes 20-30 minutes and most people will want 1-3 treatments, about a month apart, depending on how many areas are present.

What complications can occur? Stinging, soreness and burning for up to a week after the injections is expected and you will bruise for sure from our experience.

Who is a good candidate? This is the hardest part, patient selection. This treatment is for cellulite and NOT for loose skin. Sometimes it is a little hard to tell which one is the problem. If you have skin that is firm and elastic with indentations, you are a good candidate. If you have indentations that disappear when loose skin is elevated this treatment may not be effective for you. Some who have very thin skin may also opt for Radiofrequency Micro-needling, like Secret RF, to thicken the skin along with QWO.

Where can a person get these injections? Not everywhere is the short answer. The manufacturer has selected a few clinics in each area and we are one of them. I have included some pictures of some of OUR patients who unanimously say it is worth it. Those who have had negative results are probably victims of poor patient selection. We are very excited to offer this product to correct a problem that has been elusive up to now.

Check out these pictures and then come see us for a complimentary evaluation.